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    Người gửi: Huỳnh Anh
    Ngày gửi: 06h:08' 13-07-2010
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    Số lượt tải: 9
    Số lượt thích: 0 người
    Hùynh Thị Triệu Anh
    42nd period
    Prepared date : 14/1/2010
    Teaching date : 20/1/2010
    Unit 7 : SAVING ENERGY
    LESSON 1 : getting started – listen and read
    I/ Objectives :
    By the end of the lesson , ss will be able to :
    Talk about the problems of energy waste and solutions to the problems
    Check “ T or F “ and correct the false statements
    Develop speaking , listening and reading skills
    Ss should check up their faucet before going out the house and anywhere
    II/ Language contents :
    Voc : water bill, enormous, plumber, faucet, pipe, drip, turn on/ off
    III/ Techniques :
    Eliciting , ask and answer , explaining , pairwork ….
    IV/ Teaching aids :
    T : Textbook , cassette , tape , flashcard, picture…
    SS : Textbooks , notebooks , pens….
    V/ Procedures :

    T’s activities






    Check attendance
    Check up
    * Complete the blankets with the suitable words.
    1/ The old man walked ……… to the park.
    2/ Mrs. Nga speaks English quite ……….
    3/ I am hungry ………… I haven’t eaten all day.
    4/ If we pollute the water, we ………. No fresh water to use.

    1/ Warm up :
    * Nought and crosses
    Worried let make

    Family should take

    Shower month get

    Suggested answers:
    - Save water by turning off the faucet when there is enough water supply
    - Turn off the lights when unnecessary
    - Turn off TV and radio when nobody watches or listens

    2/ Presentation :
    * Vocabulary
    - Water bill (n)
    - Enormous (n)
    - plumber (n)
    - faucet (n)
    - pipe (n)
    - drip (v)
    - turn on/ off (v) + Ving
    * Checking the meaning of the words
    A B
    1/ Water bill a/ Thợ sửa ống nước
    2/ Enormous b/ ống nước
    3/ pipe c/ Hóa đơn tiền nước
    4/ faucet d/ to lớn
    5/ plumber e/ vòi nước
    * answer
    1/ c 2/ d 3/ b 4/e 5/ a

    3/ Practice
    a/ Practice the dialoge with a partner

    b/ T or F
    1/ T
    2/ T
    3/ F ( Mrs. Ha hasn’t checked the pipe yet)
    4/ F ( Mrs. Mi suggets taking showers )
    5/ T

    4/ Production :

    * Choose the best answer
    1/ Mrs. Ha is worried about her ……..
    a. pipe b.water bill c. water
    2/ Mrs. Mi gives Mrs. Ha advice on how to ……….water
    a. save b. give c. find
    3/ Mrs. Ha ……… the pipes in her house
    a.has checked b. have checked c. hasn’t checked
    4/ Mrs. Mi suggests taking ……. To save water
    a. crack b. pipes c. showers
    * 1/ b 2/ a 3/ c 4/ c

    5/ Homework
    Learn vocabulary by heart
    Read the dialoge carefully
    Prepare unit 7: saving energy
    + vocabulary
    + read the dialoge and write a, b (listen) in notebook
    - Greetings

    - Gives exercises and calls one st
    - Corrects and gives marks

    - Lets ss to play game

    - uses the pictures and asks ss to make the list of things the family could do to save energy

    - Elects and leads ss to the new lesson

    - Introduces voc by electing and giving the situation
    - Reads twice
    - Calls some
    - Corrects

    - uses the flashcard

    - corrects and gives correct answer

    - Explains then plays the cassete twice
    - Asks ss to read the dialoge in pair

    - Corrects

    - Calls some ss to answer
    -Calls others to give comment
    - Corrects and gives correct answer

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